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Due to busy life and creeping laziness, the majority don’t focus on workout and regular exercises which give access to many bone related health issues.

Physiotherapy exercises aim to restore the flexibility of the body and promote healing of certain orthopedic concerns. Statistics reports prove that most of the orthopedic medical conditions can be cured through physiotherapy.

Our doctor Kartheek Telagareddy at Ortho 360 provides physiotherapy services where he helps patients to regain their flexibility of the damaged area through some sort of exercises. Our doctor not only cures the patients but also helps them to strengthen their bones and tendons so that they can resume back to their daily activities. Our doctor also helps athletes to get back on their feet in the sports through physiotherapy and pain management.

If you are looking for the best physiotherapist in Hyderabad, Our Doctor Kartheek Telagareddy at Ortho 360 is at your aid to help you regain your bone strength and body movement.

Our physiotherapy services at Ortho 360 are as follows :

Expert Physiotherapy for stress management
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