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Fracture in foot and ankle

What are the fractures in foot and ankle ?

Fractures are majorly seen in the foot or ankle when the person goes through some accidents. Dislocations in the ankle and foot are also caused due to accidents when we see the bones in legs dislocated.Some of the fractures in foot and ankle are heel fracture, metatarsal fracture, Pilon fracture, ankle fracture etc.

What are the symptoms ?

  • Severe pain
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Inflammation at the sight of fracture
  • We see changes at the affected sight

What are the causes ?

  • Accidents 
  • When the ankle or foot is twisted
  • Putting much stress on foot
  • Falling from top

Who is at risk ?

  • Athletes are at huge risk of fractures in legs
  • Activities like jumping 
  • Loose ligaments can lead to fractures in legs
  • Walking on uneven ground

What is the treatment ?

  • A brace or a splint is used to hold the affected region until it gets healed 
  • Screws are used in some surgical methods to fix the bones
  • Suture button implants are also used in some surgical methods to hold the bones together to promote the process of healing 
  • Ankle surgery


What is bursitis ?

Bursae are small sac-like structures that cushions tendons,bones and muscles near the joint region. When these structures get inflamed then it leads to bursitis.

What are the causes ?


Below mentioned are some of the causes : 

  • Repetitive motions
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Infections
  • Trauma

What are the symptoms ?

The symptoms of bursitis are as follows : 

  • Inflammation
  • Joint pain
  • Restricted movement

How is it identified/diagnosed ?

  • Physical examination is done by the doctor to identify the symptoms 
  • MRI 
  • X-Ray
  • CT Scan
  • Radiographs

Can this be treated at home itself ?

Yes, it can be treated at home itself using some methods which are as follows : 

  • Applying heat or cold therapy
  • Using crutches
  • Giving enough rest to legs
  • Walking slowly

How is it treated ?

  • Some sort of medications are prescribed by doctor to reduce swelling and pain
  • Using needle the fluid in bursa is removed and the fluid is used to check whether it is caused due to infection or not 
  • Surgeries are done very rare to treat this bursitis

Best Foot And Ankle Orthopedic Doctors In Hyderabad

Sprains & Strains

Best Foot And Ankle Orthopedic Doctors In Hyderabad
What is the difference between strain and sprain ?

Sprain is tearing of ligaments when they are overstretched and strain is normally an affect tendons or muscles

What are the causes or strain and sprain ?

Sprain occurs when there is a huge pressure on legs due to fall leading to joint dislocation and tearing of ligaments.

Strain occur when tendons and muscles get damaged due to over contracting or overstretching of legs 

What are the symptoms ?

Below are some of the symptoms 

  • Difficulty in walking
  • Bruises
  • Inflammation
  • Weakness

How is it treated ?

Bracing is a method used to treat strain and sprain. In some cases medications are given to relieve pain and in some cases surgery is done and recovery period lasts for 3 months.

Heel Tendonitis

What is Heel tendonitis ?

Heel tendonitis is a condition where the achilles tendon which is present at the heel region gets inflamed

What are the symptoms ?

Some of the symptoms are as follows : 

  • Stiffness at the back side of heel 
  • Difficulty in walking or running
  • Tenderness

What are the causes ?

The causes for achilles tendonitis is as follows : 

  • Improper footwear
  • Over exercising 
  • Tight calf muscles

How is it identified ?


Physical examination is done by the doctor and aldo X-rays and MRI scans are done to know internal condition of the tendon

How is it treated ?

  • Rest 
  • Ice therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medications
  • Orthotic : some special sort of shoes or footwear is given to reduce the stress on the damaged tendon
  • Surgeries are done in severe cases to remove damaged tendon
  • Extracorporeal shocks

Best Foot And Ankle Orthopedic Doctors In Hyderabad

Big Toe Arthritis

Best Foot And Ankle Orthopedic Doctors In Hyderabad
What is big toe arthritis ?

It is the inflammation of joint cartilage at the base of big toe which leads to severe pain and discomfort 

What are the symptoms ?

  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Bending of the big toe 
  • Inability to walk

What are the causes ?


  • Trauma of the toe
  • Overusing
  • Genetics
  • Medical conditions

How is it identified / diagnosed ?


Following are the ways to identify big toe arthritis : 

  • MRI
  • Physical examination

How is it treated ?

  • Proper medications are given by doctor to cure
  • Physiotherapy
  • Changes in footwear that is some sort of footwear is given 
  • Injections
  • Surgeries are done to remove bone spurs

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