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Elbow Fractures

What is elbow fracture ?

Elbow fracture occurs when any of the bone in elbow region ( radius,ulna,humerus) gets damaged due to some trauma or injuries etc.

What are the symptoms ?


Some of the symptoms are as follows : 

  • Severe pain in affected area 
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty in movement
  • Weakness and stiffness in elbow region
  • Crackling sound 

What are the causes ?


Some of the symptoms are as follows : 

  • They can be caused due to direct trauma injury to the elbow due to accidents,falls,physical abuse etc. 
  • Osteoporosis is a condition that can also cause fractures in elbow region

What are the complications ?

  • It can damage the nerves in elbow region
  • Elbow fractures can lead to arthritis 
  • Pain continues to stay even after healing
  • Infections can occur due to fractures 

How is it identified or diagnosed ?

CT scans and X-Ray techniques are used to detect the damaged bones in the elbow region. These methods give a clear picture of the affected bone and help to make proper decisions regarding treatment. 

How is it treated ?


  • In non surgical methods doctors use splints and braces to hold the affected area until it gets healed. Certain medications are given to reduce the inflammation and relieve pain.
  • In surgical methods screws and pins are used to fit the bones and hold them for a month to promote its healing.

Sports Injuries

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What are the different types of sports injuries seen in the elbow region ?

Tennis elbow : This results when the tendons and muscles of the elbow region are repeatedly used. It is also a form of tendinitis. 

Sprain : Sprains in elbow region occur when the ligaments in elbow region are torn when stretched. 

Golfer’s elbow : This occurs when the muscles of forearm are repeatedly used 

Elbow dislocations : This is a condition where the bones present in forearms get dislocated from the bones present in the upper arm region. 

Bursitis : It is the inflammation of bursae in the elbow region which causes severe pain and discomfort. 


These are some of the sports injuries seen in elbow region

What are the symptoms ?

Some of the symptoms are as follows : 

  • Severe pain
  • Inability to move arms
  • Inflammation
  • Bone is dislocated and the shape of the arm is  altered

How is it diagnosed and treated ?

  • Using X-Ray and other forms of image techniques the damaged bone inside the body is detected 
  • Physical examination is also done by the doctor in order to identify the external symptoms 
  • These sports injuries are treated based on the condition and severity. Medications, injections are given to relieve pain and reduce inflammation 
  • Surgeries are done when the case is severe and when resetting of bones is required to resume back to the game.

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